Collaborated on the creation of an app to help simplify confusing parking regulations. The app makes it easier to determine if parking is allowed without the need to cypher dense parking signage.

The Problem

Parking signs are hard to read and understand, as a result, people keep getting confused and end up receiving tickets due to miss understanding.



It doesn't take much to find confusing parking signs; they are all over the city. After analyzing countless different signs, other parking apps available in the market, and listen to many users we discovered the main frustration and the intended goal regarding those signs.



FRUSTRATION: People are wasting time trying to understand park signs and still end up getting tickets due to misunderstanding. 

GOAL: A quick and easy way to find out if parking is allowed or not. 

CONCLUSION: People don't mind feeding the meter, they just don't want to waste their time trying to understand the signs only to find out they were not correct on their conclusion.  


Sketching Ideas


We sketched many different ideas to find out what elements would be necessary to the app which also helped with the development of the UI components.




With the first sketches in hand, we were able to create some wireframes in order to conduct some user testing.

User Testing Results: The simple, the better. 

  • People are not quite ready to use apps to pay for their parking time, they just want to find out if they are allowed to park or not. 

  • Save and share the location where they allowed to park.

  • Know how long they are allowed to park.

  • Receive an alert when the park is about to expire. 

Style Guide and Mood Boarding

We primarily focused our inspirations into 3 categories:

  • Typography - Since the app needed to be simple, we voted for one of the most basic and recognizable font: Helvetic. 

  • Color Palette - The research showed that primary colors would be most applicable, but we want to use different tons of them to give a modern look.

  • Images - Again to make it simple, we voted for basic shapes such as circles as one of the main UI components. 


Mock-ups - Mid-Fidelity

With the mid-fidelity mock-ups, we were able to conduct a few more test to then decide:

  • What should be removed

  • What should be added

  • What should be changed

Final Design


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